About Us

Vehicle AID is owned by Rennacs Limited based in the Waikato, New Zealand. Rennacs has been making diagnostic scan tools and code readers for the past 15 years. Rennacs and Vehicle AID are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All current Rennacs and Vehicle AID employees are New Zealand degree qualified. 

Rennacs have researched, developed and thoroughly proven the advanced diagnostic system that Vehicle AID use to test cars over the past 15 years. Rennacs currently sell a different version of this advanced system to the motoring trade worldwide and to corporates such as the Automobile Associations (AA) throughout New Zealand and Australia. For example, if you have a pre purchase inspection of a vehicle done in New Zealand, South Australia, or Queensland with the AA, they will probably use our technology to electronically test the vehicle. If you break down in NSW Australia or in New Zealand, the AA in both countries will probably use our diagnostic scan tools to test the car. 

Vehicle AID has been formed specifically to give YOU access to this powerful vehicle diagnostic system directly, or through your local garage, ensuring you have access to the latest diagnostic technology. 

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