Vehicle AID Unique Advanced Data Logger

The Rennacs Data Logger is UNIQUE in that it can be programmed to record any vehicle Live Data parameters for live data (Generic OBD2 or Dealership Level) and left in a car while being driven. Also the sampling rate (or how many times the live data parameters are read per second) is fully customisable. 

For example, if you wanted to record the engine RPM, ignition timing and accelerator position the data logger could be programmed with just those live data parameters. The sampling rate can then be set for either rapid sampling (for maximum accuracy) or slower sampling so that it can record over days / weeks.  

This data logging system is perfect for finding intermittent faults or hard to find "on road" faults. There may be times when an owner can’t be without a vehicle, so the datalogger allows them to keep driving the vehicle while the fault is being automatically recorded. By allowing them to keep driving it can significantly reduce the overall diagnostic time and increase diagnostic accuracy. 

The picture to the left shows the Vehicle AID diagnostic unit programmed as a data logger, and plugged into the 2-meter extension cable. There is a button in the middle of the case. When the vehicle fault is occurring this button can be pushed. This sets “diagnostic markers” in the live data for later review. 

Now there is a recording of the fault occurring, the car can be returned with the Diagnostic Unit to Vehicle AID so that the data can be downloaded, graphed, analysed and a Diagnostic Report printed.  

The system can record a data buffer before the button is pushed (or a certain fault occurs) to show the conditions leading up to the fault. Being able to view the recorded graph data from the vehicle is very useful to be able to see both gradual or sudden changes, and how the changes affect the relationships to the other data in the graph.